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Please share your story with us and help shine a light of HOPE on depression. Your story can help inspire and honor the 350 million with depression worldwide.


What Brings Me Hope:  My experiences in healing depression without drugs.

I was depressed in 1984-85 and was taking loads of meds and depression was controlled, but not showing signs of remission.

Then I read about pyramid energy; keeping dead bodies free from decay for thousands of years in Egypt and other places.

I thought that if a pyramid can prevent decay in a “dead” body, surely it could prevent decay [disease] of the human body / mind.

I started making pyramids of different sizes from different materials and placing them inside my bedroom, drawing room, motor car, garden, and office.

Within six months my depression vanished and I became a cheerful, energetic youngster once again, by merely staying in the presence of pyramid energy force field.

Thereafter, I have given small sized, highly polarized pyramids to hundreds of people suffering from depression of various types and in almost 95% of cases, the result was positive within 3 to 6 months without any drugs.

The patients remained on conventional treatment, but their drugs were withdrawn gradually after they were exposed to pyramid energy force field.

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