Global Hope Challenge

10 Days. 10 Lessons. 10 Actions. 

As part of the Hopeful Cities Initiative, iFred created the 10 Day Global Hope Challenge: A free course dedicated to helping you develop the skills you need to create, maintain, and grow hope in your life.

The course has been designed for use by teens and adults and is offered in both Spanish and English. Every day of the course, you will receive an email that contains information about the day and a link to the daily video, lesson, action, and workbook pages.

The Global Hope Challenge workbook is available for download with the course. The workbook is both printable and fillable, and is designed to help you reflect on your hope journey, keep track of your progress, and enforce the daily lessons. Remember- your hope journey is up to you!

You can sign up for the free 10 Day Global Hope Challenge now by visiting