Story Wall for hope

Please share your story with us and help shine a light of HOPE on depression. Your story can help inspire and honor the 350 million with depression worldwide.


What Brings Me Hope:  My experiences in healing depression without drugs. I was depressed in 1984-85 and was taking loads of meds and depression was controlled, but not showing signsContinue Reading

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What Brings Me HOPE: I find hope through being part of something bigger than myself. I found this site through a very unusual “text adventure” called Depression Quest. I’ve sufferedContinue Reading

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Ashley K

What Brings Me HOPE: Life and Love “I’ll see you later, mom.” Those were the last words 10 year old me said to my mother. She gave up her ghostContinue Reading

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What Brings Me Hope:  My Story Depression is a very common thing being diagnosed in teens nowadays. About 1 in 4 people will have or already have depression. I thinkContinue Reading

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What Brings Me HOPE: Collaborating with other visionary people who believe and know we can change our society…together. The sunflowers are planted and growing in our front yard with anContinue Reading

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Hello to all that is reading this story of mine… Actually the only reason why I’m writing this story is to get it out. I have no one to tell,Continue Reading

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