The Campaign

Honor the 350 million with depression worldwide and “Pledge to Plant” for our Field for Hope sunflower campaign. This initiative is the largest-scale, international effort in history focused directly on raising awareness and funds for depression research and education. This campaign has successfully led to planting sunflowers in fields across the United States, Liberia, Kenya, Nepal, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and more.

This unique movement has captured the attention of leaders, activists and media from around the world who work to raise awareness and combat the effects of depression on individuals, communities and nations. Take action today so that 100% of those with depression receive treatment.

The Sunflower

Each sunflower serves as a symbol of light and hope for the 350 million people living with the treatable disease of depression. Have you ever noticed:

  • Sunflowers grow towards sunlight with their faces tracking the sun. We need those with depression to seek their light instead of hiding in darkness, a natural instinct during a depressive episode.
  • Sunflowers are yellow, the color of joy, happiness and hope—symbolizing depression can be successfully treated. We think this symbol, if used similar to the pink ribbon for breast cancer or red dress for heart disease, serve as a much more hopeful and positive icon for depression survivors than each organization’s unique symbology can alone.
  • Sunflowers can be harvested and used for good. This allows all nonprofits and individuals the unique opportunity to not just plant seeds but to utilize the seeds bringing the project full circle.

The Pledge

Virtual Planting: Pledge to plant a virtual sunflower on Causes.com in honor of someone you know. Encourage your “friends” to shine a light of HOPE and plant one as well. Get organizations around the world to show the collective power of universally sharing this symbol for HOPE.

In-the-Ground Planting: Do you want your symbol of hope to shine brighter and impact your community visually? You, or a group, can pledge to plant a sunflower, a garden or even a field in your local community.

A Sunflower for Hope: In addition to your virtual plant on Causes.com, plant a LIVE sunflower—in your back yard, on a window sill—anywhere! Put up a small yard sign showcasing your support. Ask others to join you in planting hope.
A Garden for Hope: Plant a garden at a local school or community area and get groups involved in planting. Start conversations about maintaining a healthy brain, especially among youth. Print and post a sign found in our digital toolbox and share the photos with us.
A Field for Hope: Dedicate your current sunflower field, or be bold and ask a farmer to dedicate his field to the cause. The ask is easy “Can you please put up a sign honoring the 350 million around the world needing some extra symbols of Hope”? Share photos of the farmer and field on Facebook or Twitter to inspire others around the world. #FieldForHope

Ready to get Started?

Access the ACTIVATION TOOLKIT and find all the digital and planting kit items needed to participate in the campaign! From the bottom of our heart, and the 350 million around the world in need of your help, thank you.


Don’t forget to Pledge to Plant on CAUSES.com