The pros and cons of participating in ADD and ADHD research Posted via email from iFred

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Critical Research on Positive, Neutral, and Negative Art Therapy Posted via email from iFred

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Fascinating Research on Getting the Most out of Art Therapy


There is such a great deal of  information on art therapy, it is becoming a new trend in treatment for patients with mental health issues.  I think it is FANTASTIC,Continue Reading

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PMS, Moods and How to Batten Down the Hatches

For those that say there is no such thing as depression, I invite you into my brain for my mini episodes every month during PMS (or PPMD).  Seriously.  Climb aboard my brainContinue Reading

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The Fight and Flight of Fear

The Great Mountain of Fear

I can’t breathe today.  Fear is choking me.  I didn’t even know it was fear, that is until I sat and faced it. I let it experience me, so thatContinue Reading

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Have you ever felt like a non photo-shopped flower? Time to view yourself through a different lens.


I was taking some photos of flowers this weekend, and I noticed they weren’t perfect.  Flakes of dirt, worn around the edges, some black spots, browning, all kinds of thingsContinue Reading

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