Founder Story



Kathryn Goetzke is the founder of the 501(c)3 iFred, the International Foundation for Research and Education for Depression ( or ). She is also the entrepreneur and innovator behind Mood-lites™ (, a new category of lighting in the $5 billion dollar U.S. lighting marketplace with nationwide distribution in Lowe’s Home Improvement. She founded iFred based on research by the World Health Organization that less than 50% of people with currently diagnosable depression are receiving treatment due to stigma (or, as she calls it, negative brand or positioning), and is dedicated to increasing the number of those being treated to 100%.


Kathryn, armed with an MBA in International Marketing, an undergraduate degree in Psychology, over twenty years of experience with small and large Fortune 100 companies, including The Gillette Company, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, 3M, American Express, and General Mills, is spending much of her time supporting iFred while she launches new products at The Mood Factory, showing consumers how to Choose their mood through sensory engagement. Through her company, Kathryn is responsible for creating the first Nationwide Cause Marketing Campaign for depression with her launch of 25 products in Lowe’s, a feat she accomplished using her business experience she learned from her brilliant father she lost to suicide when she was only 19 years old.


Kathryn has appeared internationally to speak on behalf of iFred about the ‘brand’ history of depression, what it takes to create a positive brand, and solutions for destigmatizing the disease by focusing on the hope and the high success rate of treatment. Kathryn writes for the Huffington Post and Psych Central, sits on the Global Mental Health Movement and FundaMentalSDG advisory boards, attends the yearly World Health Organization invite-only meeting on mental health, presented at the United Nations, and has been interviewed by a number of radio, television, and print publications, including NBC and CBS affiliates, the BBC, Psychology Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.  To find out more, visit